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    Eduardo F. Costantini was born in 1946 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He received his bachelor’s in Economics (UCA University from Bs. As.) and holds a master’s degree in Arts in Quantitative Economics from the University of East Anglia, England. He has more than 30 years of experience in the financial and real estate businesses.

    As a real state developer, Costantini is the founder, Chairman, CEO and main shareholder of Consultatio S.A. (Argentina) and Consultatio Real Estate Inc. (United States). As a financier, is the Chairman and main shareholder of Consultatio Asset Management Co.


    arquitectonicaBernardo Fort-Brescia is a founding member of Arquitectonica. He studied architecture and urban planning at Princeton University and received a Master of Architecture from Harvard University where he later taught. He founded Arquitectonica in 1977 and has been Fellow of the American Institute of Architects since 1992. He is a recipient of the American Institute of Architect’s Honor for Design Award and the Silver Medal for Design Excellence. Bernardo is designing prominent buildings in New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Miami, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Paris, Madrid, Milan, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, New Delhi, and Buenos Aires.

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